3 Electrical Upgrades That Are Ideal For Action Figure Displays

Posted on: 24 May 2016

For many adults, action figures are not just toys for young children; they are highly detailed collectibles that showcase their favorite characters in pop-culture history. Instead of leaving these action figures packed away, many people decide to display them and showcase their unique collection. To help make a display stand out, there are a number of electrical upgrades that you can have done in the home. The following three upgrades will help the display become the centerpiece of any room and can truly show your action figures in all of their glory while also offering protection from natural wear.


The room that your action figures are stored in should be free from excessive heat or air moisture. The extra moisture can cause damage to the figure's paint and shape and any of the original packaging that they are displayed in. To help properly maintain an ideal temperature, you can have a dehumidifier wired into the wall. The device will help control the moisture in the air and keep the action figures from warping. The removal of moisture in the area can also help eliminate any rusting that may occur on metal parts featured on figures. This includes small screws or any accessories that the action figures may be holding. Along with wiring a dehumidifier in the display area, an electrician can install a control panel so you can easily adjust settings for the room and set timers if needed.

Home Automation Systems

Instead of constantly monitoring your action figure display in person, an electrician has the ability to set up home automation systems in the room that give you complete control of various factors. Along with moisture, another big impact on your action figures is sunlight. Direct sunlight can lead to quick wear on figures and the packaging that they come in. One of the worst things that can happen is a natural fading of the colors. Help prevent this with automated shades installed in the room. When the sun is shining through a window and towards the figures, automated shades can be adjusted to completely block out the light and keep the figures protected.

A home automation system can also be wired to your thermostat. This allows you to monitor and check the temperature in the room to ensure that it is not too hot for the figures. This can help prevent plastic from warping and allows you to set automatic temperature controls from a phone or other device.

Lighting Upgrades

Action figures feature intricate details and designs that need to be fully seen to be appreciated. Showcase all of these details and your whole collection with upgrades made to the lighting fixtures in the room. Electricians can install recessed lighting fixtures directly over your display area. This can provide plenty of light to illuminate the figures and remove any shadows. If the figures are placed on solid shelves, then an electrician can help wire lighting into each shelving unit. This allows you to fully illuminate the collection and gives you different color options. For example, one shelf of figures may use a red tinted light while another shelf uses a blue tinted light. It all depends on the themes of your figures and the ways that you want to display them.

If you have glass display cases, then special lighting fixtures can be installed on the base of the cases. Bottom lighting can shine through the whole case and create a dramatic effect as it shines upwards. When figures are placed over these beams of light, it can create cool effects and add a dramatic look to the figures. The base lighting will also it make it easy to see figures that are placed on the lowest part of the display.

Once you have a display design planned out, you should contact an electrician from a company like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc to have the upgrades installed before setting up all of your figures. This will make the process go a lot easier.