Garage Bands: 4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Performing

Posted on: 26 May 2016

There's something special about forming your first band inside of a garage and performing your heart out for family and friends. Even though music has evolved, the tradition of practicing and performing inside of a garage still lives on. If you or your children have a band that utilizes a garage area, then you want to ensure that you have all the necessary electrical needs for that area. With the help of an electrician, you can install four different upgrades to really enhance the garage band experience. Each of these upgrades can ensure that the performances go smoothly and add some new dynamics to your garage band playing.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

At any given time, a garage band could be using multiple amps, microphones, electronic keyboards, and sound mixing devices. All of these devices require a lot of power at one time. Instead of tripping up circuit breakers or causing power problems for the rest of the home, you can improve the garage performance area with circuit breaker upgrades. An electrician can install a separate 20-amp circuit breaker for the garage area. These new circuit breakers will have the ability to handle all of the instruments and give you smooth power options through garage performances. An electrician can also install additional outlets that give you plenty of areas to plug in instruments and have power all around the garage.

Lighting Upgrades

Performing in the garage may not have the same lighting effects as a real stage, but you can get close with just a few lighting upgrades. Electricians can wire all types of lights inside the garage area. For band practice sessions, large overhead recessed lighting can be used to give you clear visibility of your instruments, gear, and any lyrics or notes that you may be reading.

When performing in the garage, a track lighting system can add enhanced effects for your band. These lighting systems feature separate separate lights that can be moved and adjusted on a large track. With the wiring of this lighting, you can add colored filters to the lights, create spot lights, or use a light dimmer switch for dramatic low-lighting options. Plan out your lighting ideas and then allow an electrician to make them come to life.

Wired Wall Speakers

Along with playing music, a garage is a great place to record music and listen to other songs for inspiration. When playing any type of music back, you can have wired wall speakers provide the audio. When speakers are wired to the wall, they can have a constant source of power. An electrician can wire the output cords to a specific area, allowing easy connections to sound systems, MP3 players, or computers. This allows you to easily enjoy music while planning or practicing in the garage area. Wall speakers can also supply supplemental sounds while performing. For example, if you have a base track with sound effects, the speakers can amplify those sounds and use them as part of the performance.

Heated Floor Panels

Garages often do not feature the same insulation as the rest of the home. Instead of dealing with low temperatures during the cold months, you can still utilize your garage comfortably with the installation of electric radiant floor panels. These panels can be permanently installed in the floor of a garage. They send heat through the floor, making it comfortable to play instruments and practice. You can still perform with the door open during the winter months and enjoy the extra heat that radiates from the floor. The panels can be installed directly into a new layer of cement or placed underneath floor coverings like wood and carpet.

If you spend a lot of time in your garage playing with a band, then you should contact a residential electrician to help make some of these ideas become a reality.