4 Outdated Home Electrical Components It's Worth Having Repaired

Posted on: 7 November 2016

Home technology has dramatically changed. Traditional electrical components of a home have been replaced with better, faster, and wireless versions of technology. These new pieces of technology have allowed many homes to neglect key electrical components that could be useful down the road. Ignoring old electrical components can not only cause problems in the future, but it can create many issues in emergency situations. Keeping your home running smoothly can make a huge difference in your life. Learn about four different outdated electrical components and see which ones are worth having repaired. Understanding the importance of these components will help you figure out the best repairs to complete first.


Digital doorbells and drop cams have become a new safeguard for home protection and identifying people at the door. That doesn't mean that you should leave a malfunctioning doorbell broken and unable to work properly. Traditional doorbells are ideal for nights, can help you when packages are delivered, and are an ideal backup method if the new technology malfunctions or the batteries die. An electrician can perform repairs to replace the wiring and ensure that all of the electrical components are working properly. The doorbell can be tested for function, and the outdoor switch can be replaced if it needs to be.

Hardwired Phone Lines

It's becoming rare for homes to have a landline phone that is used for making calls and contact. According to studies, 41% of homes have converted to all wireless technology, choosing cell phones over a traditional phone. If you've made this conversion, it's still important to have working landlines in your home. A landline may be your only source of contact during a power outage. If cell towers are down or your phone battery is dead, plugging in a phone to a landline can give you access to emergency services as needed. Phone lines are also essential for connecting internet routers or other electronics like Smart TVs. If the wires are worn or loose, it can create a lot of static and interference on any connection. An electrician can provide repairs and help keep the phone outlets as active as possible for many years to come.

Circuit Breakers

If your home has running electricity, then it may seem like there isn't a problem. Ignoring outdated technology can actually create a bigger problem than you intended. The circuit breakers in your home are essential for delivering power to individual rooms or areas. Older circuit breakers may have unreliable power and improper protection from lightning storms or other power issues. One way that an electrician can help upgrade your circuit breakers is with a whole home surge protection installation. The whole home surge protection will protect all of the circuits and plugs in your home from getting surges of power due to lightning strikes or fallen power lines. Updating the circuit breakers can also eliminate any breakers that are worn or working improperly. This can help prevent fires or complete failures of a circuit breaker box.

Old Lamps

An old lamp may still provide a lot of valuable light, but if it's dimming, the switch feel loose, or not working at all, then you should call an electrician to have it repaired. This is typically one of the easiest repair jobs and can help keep the lamp running for several years. Old antique lamps may have a lot of value to them, and repairing them to proper working function can help increase the value. If you've noticed that an old lamp is not performing as well, then it's important to replace the wires. Loose or exposed wires can cause fire hazards and should not be used in the home.

An electrician can typically complete all of these repairs in one session. This will cover all your home needs and allow you to have a well-operating home.