How Lighting Plays An Important Role In Home Design

Posted on: 6 June 2017

When you spend money on your lighting, it truly pays off. Here are some ways your lighting choices affect your home design.

Lighting Is Great for Accent

Lighting can add accents to a space just as color can. You might use lighting to spruce up an area with fewer decorative items. Or, you could use it to draw attention to particularly expensive or interesting parts of your home design. These effects can be subtle or highly intentional, depending on the lighting you choose.

Lighting Can Stand Alone

Lighting can also become a centerpiece when done right. Whether it be an expansive lamp or a cluster of unusual lights, these pieces can become a work of art that stands on its own. Patterns of similar lamps or light bulbs clustered together are a popular design choice for spaces that need more levity.

Lighting Promotes Health and Productivity

The right lighting choices will do more than just please your eyes. With lighting that mimics natural sunlight, you can see similar benefits those of actual sunlight, such as increased well being or productivity.

Lighting Can Make Your Home Safer

Lighting is a tool for making your home more transparent. It can be used to highlight potentially dangerous areas, such as uneven slopes. Outdoors, you can use track lighting to create safer walkways for your visitors. But another thing lighting can do is keep unwanted visitors away. With the correct timed lighting, you will give a sense that someone is home at any time to keep intruders from snooping around on your lawn.

How to Install the Right Lighting

So, this may all leave you wondering how to do a great job with your home lighting. When possible, consult a lighting designer for help. These specialists are separate from architects and interior designers in general, because they have more specific training on the placement and effects of lighting. But if that's not within your budget, a general rule of thumb is to choose natural lighting sources and employ day-lighting techniques whenever possible. Day-lighting is its own separate category, because there are fixtures available to channel natural light from one area to another.

When you're installing electrical lighting fixtures, never skimp on the pricing and installation. Properly wired, safe lighting adds much more value to your home than a cheap fix. Hire a residential electrician like Conway Electric to ensure all of your lights have adequate power sources and carefully installed wiring.