Electrical Wiring And Home Renovations: 3 Electrical Upgrades To Protect Modern Electronics And Appliances

Posted on: 10 September 2017

With the number of electronic devices in modern homes, it only makes sense to protect them. Surges in the electrical wiring cause a lot of damage to electronics that are often expensive to replace and may not be covered by insurance. It is a good idea to have a home wiring system that gives your electronics and appliances maximum protection from electrical surges. Here are some of the upgrades that you will want to do to protect your home from surges:

1. Installing Dedicated Circuits for Entertainment Centers, Computers, and Other Electronics

There are many areas of a modern home where you may have electronics plugged in. The hardware often uses a lot of electricity, which is why you should consider having dedicated circuits installed. Some of the areas where you will want dedicated circuits to include:

  • Entertainment centers
  • Home offices
  • Ares with home servers and automation equipment

Dedicated circuits will be able to handle the electrical loads of hardware on one breaker. The dedicated circuit prevents tripping breakers when a circuit becomes overloaded due to plugging in more electrical appliances on the same circuit.

2. Add Surge Protection Outlets for Anywhere You Use Home Electronics

Surge protection is also important for electronics. For many of the electronics in your home, such as TVs, computers and video game consoles, you use a surge protection plug or should. The surge protection can also be built into modern outlets to give electronics more protection from electrical surges that cause damage. Anywhere you have a lot of electronics plugged in is where you will want to have these outlets installed.

3. Install Hardwired UPS Systems for Electronics and Home Automation Installations

Today, in addition to the computers and electronic devices, there are also home automation systems. Do you have a garage door opener, automatic gates or other automated systems? Protect these systems with hardwired UPS systems (Universal Power Supply). For sensitive electronic systems, the UPS will provide uninterrupted power, which will ensure automation works when the power goes out and protect computers from losing power. If you have a home office that you work out of, UPS systems will also protect you from losing work when the lights go out and give you time to save work and shut down a PC.

These are some the electrical improvements that you will want to have done to protect the electronics in your home. If you are doing renovations and need to update wiring, contact a residential electrical contractor like Street Brothers Electric to help with these improvements.