Putting In Lights And A Waterfall With Your Pool: Why You Need An Electrician

Posted on: 20 March 2018

You love your pool, but you want a deluxe version. That is understandable because you want guests to be impressed by your pool. To get that extra wow! factor, you can install nighttime lights for evening swims, and a waterfall that helps circulate the pool water. Before you get started, however, you will need to hire an electrician. Here is why.

Electrocution Prevention

Lights and a waterfall are both going to need electricity to operate. As you know, electricity and water do not mix. An electrician can install both the lights and the electrical work for the waterfall such that there is no danger to anyone who gets into the pool. 

The Electrical Wiring Might Have to Be Installed a Certain Way

Sometimes you do not have the option of placing a light here and the waterfall over there. Sometimes, you have to completely rethink how you are going to install these features because the wiring has to be installed in a very specific way. Your electrician can look at this project and tell you exactly how and where you need to install your new pool accessories/features such that the wiring and connections for these things are easily installed.

For example, say that your pool lights are supposed to go all the way around the pool. Unfortunately, wiring from the house to the far end of the pool is just not feasible because of the distance traveled and the need to bury and protect the wiring underground. Your electrician might suggest some pool lights that can be installed closer to the house but still shine plenty of light into the far end of the pool.

Install a Fuse Box Outside

Yes, your pool can have its own fuse box. This requires installing waterproof housing for the box, but then all of the electricity needed for the pool can come from this box and not the one inside your house. As an added benefit, anything else you add to your pool in the future that requires electricity can be wired through this box. Thankfully, your electrician knows exactly what kind of waterproof housing is needed for this project, and how everything will be wired into it.

Talk to Your Electrician

Your electrician can discuss what options are available to you and which options are best for wiring up features in and around your pool. Your electrician can also design electrical set-ups to customize the electrical supply for your pool area. If you plan to add other features, such as a surround sound system, movie projector, and movie screen, etc., for your pool later on, be sure to share these ideas with your electrician so that you can get the best possible electrical system set up and installed.

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