When You Need Electrical Work: Why Hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor Is Important

Posted on: 29 March 2019

When you need electrical work done, you may be tempted to hire a handyman to do the work for you. If the handyman is not a licensed electrical contractor, you can run into a range of problems with the work in question. While you may think you are saving money in the short term, there are many reasons to work with a licensed professional instead. Electrical work can be complicated, and a person who doesn't have the training as a licensed electrical contractor may not complete the job up to code. Electricity can be very dangerous, and you want to be sure that your home or business has the electrical work done correctly the first time.

State Certification Is Mandatory

While a handyman doesn't need to have any specific licenses or certifications, a licensed electrical contractor goes through a tough process in order to become licensed by the state. The contractor must prove to the licensing board that they are safe to provide electrical work to homes and businesses in the community. You are protecting your home and assets when you work with a licensed professional.

Contractors Have the Right Liability Insurance

As a licensed contractor doing electrical work in your home, an electrician has the correct liability insurance so that everyone is protected. In the event that a handyman without insurance gets hurt while doing the job at your home, you can end up losing out financially if you are sued for personal injury by the handyman. You are putting your financial future at risk when you don't hire a licensed contractor instead of a handyman to do electrical work in your home.

Contractors Are up to Date on Codes and Take All Jobs Seriously

While a handyman may be able to do some basic wiring, this is not the safest way to get electrical work done. Contractors are mandated to be up to date on all codes involving electrical work. No matter what size the job is, an electrical contractor is going to take the extra steps to make sure the job is done correctly. A handyman should never be used to do the specialty work of an electrician.

When you are looking to have electrical work done in your home, always go with licensed electrical contractors. Protect your home and your assets by having the work done by a professional who has the skills necessary to do the job well.